Children over the age of five and under the age of twelve travel on the ferry at a discounted rate, which is subject to change without notice.

Disabled people

Professional care for disabled people with the assistance of our staff and service on board. We want to assure the comfort and safety of everyone on our ferries.

Your pets

Are your pets traveling with you? No problem! According to the regulations of the legal provisions, the transport of domestic animals will be carried out exclusively in the spaces of the boats enabled for this purpose.

Food and drinks

We offer snacks, coffee and bar services on board of all our boats, with assigned staff to serve you from the comfort of your seat.

Special Cases

Blind passengers may be accompanied by their guide dogs, in accordance with their specific regulations and free of charge.

Covid Protocol

We have protocols and measures in place for you to travel safe. We want you to arrive healthy at your destination.


For your comfort and safety, we have a space allocated for your luggage and items with no additional cost. To transport your luggage it is important to follow these rules:

  1. Objects of value left in luggage or cargo will be the responsibility of the passenger; we recommend any such objects be removed before the crossing begins.
  2. Hand luggage will be carried under the passengers responsibility.
  3. The company will be responsible for up to 25 kg of luggage, as per the travellers insurance policy No. RSA 030390100 of Seguros Comercial America, as stipulated on the ticket.
  4. Civil responsibility limits protecting passengers and their belongings will be as stated by Art. 127 of the General Routes of Communication Law and its regulations.
  5. Any claim to be made regarding luggage must be made immediately after the fact and before leaving the pier facilities.
  6. The insurance policy covers the journey while passengers are on board our vessels; once passengers disembark the coverage ceases to be effective.
  7. The company will hand over the luggage to the holders of the luggage claim tags; therefore we ask that you should look after and make good use of them.
  8. Any claim for damage or loss of luggage requires:
    • Reporting it immediately and before leaving the pier facilities.
    • Filling in the baggage claim form in the presence of a company representative.
    • Showing your trip ticket, official I.D. (INE) and baggage claim tag given when boarding.

Please, read the rules for the handling and transportation of your excess luggage on our boats, before boarding your chosen route.

  1. Any packet or item of luggage that is packaged for transportation is considered to be cargo.
  2. Hazardous cargo may only be transported exclusively with the prior knowledge and authorization of the captains of the vessel.
  3. Hazardous cargo is considered to be any product that could be considered as being a risk to passengers health, the environment or the safety and stability of the boat or its cargo. For example: toxic, flammable, chemical or corrosive materials, butane gas tanks, argon acetylene, etc.; fuel and lubricants, sections of tubes, aluminum, copper, wood, etc.; glass and fragile products, explosives or radioactive material, fire arms of any type, any prohibited drugs or substances that may damage health. Any other material that might represent a danger to passengers or the vessel.
  4. There is a charge for all cargo transportation, which must be paid for only at the Playa del Carmen pier.
  5. The cost of transporting cargo on our boats is calculated by using a tabulator, taking into consideration the weight and volume of the cargo to be transported; prices can be consulted with one of our cargo staff at the boarding pier, who will hand over a receipt that can be used for fiscal invoicing.
  6. The company will not be responsible for damage or loss to cargo in any of the following cases:
    • It is not responsible for objects of value contained or deposited inside luggage that have not been declared and accepted in writing by the company.
    • The Mixed Worker Association of Maritime and Land Workers of Cozumel, CTM, are responsible for loading and unloading cargo on our boats. The company is exempt from any damage or problem that might arise regarding this cargo handling, as well as from any charge these persons make for this service.
    • The Company and the Captain are not responsible for the accuracy of the declaration made by the client regarding weight, content, quality, condition and other circumstances describing the cargo. The Captain or his representative will write declarations in the section for describing the contents on the form sheet, however the company will not be responsible for the contents of the cargo. Any damage or harm done to the boat or its cargo due to the introduction of loaded merchandise that is prohibited by laws, orders or regulations, under inaccurate declarations, will be the responsibility of the owner of the cargo.
    • The responsibility of the company regarding cargo is to transport it and ends upon unloading it, therefore if the person who receives this cargo does not show up at the pier we are not responsible for any consequent damages or loss.

If a problem arises with the cargo a claim must be made immediately, before leaving the pier.

    1. The following will be required to make a claim regarding cargo:
      • Make a report immediately, before leaving the unloading pier.
      • Fill in the cargo claim form in the presence of a company representative.
      • Show your travel ticket.
      • Show your cargo receipt.
      • Show your personal I.D.
      • Show a sales receipt or invoice for the contents of the cargo.
    2. Should you have any questions regarding the above rules, please contact our pier representative or our offices on 6th North # 14 between Avenues 10th and 15th, or call 87 2 15 08 and 87 215 88.

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